A Life Lived [v0.7] By ZennyDarkstar

ZennyDarkstar Games released a new game called A Life Lived and the version is 0.7. The game’s story is about As a young child you are found at the gates of the hospital. After being looked after by the staff, a kind couple who had been at the hospital giving birth to their first child, decided to adopt you and take you home with them (ok it wasnt that simple, but thats a story for another day). We are nearly 2 decades later. You live with, as you now know them, yours parents and sister. You are in your final year in school and already starting to plan the rest of your life. What has this time in your life got planned out for you.. well actually its totally up to you to decide, as this is a sandbox! ​

Developer: ZennyDarkstar
File Size: 2.01 GB
Version: 0.7
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.7 Changelog

  • This is a Content update version, with a major new feature.
  • Quest
    One new Quest. This new quest follow on from the JobFather.. Once you finish that quest (or if you already have) it will unlock.
  • NPCs
    A few new NPCs have been added
    A few NPCs have been given unique inteactions
  • Locations added
    2 new homes have been added
  • Engine changes
    New feature that unlocks with the end of this new quest. The new feature will continue to be developed for the current NPCs linked to it, and with more in the future.
    A number (about 15) new NPCs are going to exist via current NPCs and this new feature.
  • Sorry I am being a bit vague but want to keep the new feature a bit of a surprise for now for people to find as they play.
  • Code line count on v0.65 – 14286
    Code line count on v0.7 – 16037

Developer Notes:

The game currently has 70 unique locations, 54NPCs, multiple items, 7 quests and a number of special events. The NPCs and the stories they will have will be varied to cover most fetishes. ALL content can be avoided.. so if you dont like something, dont engage in that part. More information about the game and the direction it will be taking is available on the Patreon page. All I will ask is when you play the game, firstly I hope you enjoy, secondly understand it is the first release, and secondly judge it what it is trying to be and not on what it isnt(hope that makes sense)

Game Images & Screenshots

Update Only (v0.65 -> v0.7): GOFILE – MEGA – MIXDROP – PIXELDRAIN – WDHO

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