[ENG] Farah the Otherworld Hero

Farah the Otherworld Hero


Title: Farah the Otherworld Hero DLSite
ID: RJ425714
Language: English
Developer: Kira Tama DLSite
Released date: 20/09/2023
Version: Final
Uncensored: No
Storage: 657 MB
Other Games: Link


Farah, the descendant of a legendary hero, sets out on a journey to defeat the Demon King with her friends, Sir Geborg, her mentor and wise sage, and Recoris, her best friend and a big-breasted monk. Confident in their combined abilities, Farah knew she could defeat the Demon King.

However, during this journey, Farah accidentally opened a door to another world and was sucked into Hiwai Town, a town in modern Japan, inhabited by lust-filled men. For naive Farah, who grew up in a land of swords and magic, the culture shock of sex and technology is an immense challenge …

Will Farah be able to return to her original world, the “Rune Continent” and defeat the Demon King …?


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