Flower Princess Elulu – Molestation Train [v2.55] Iwashiya

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Game Details

Developer: Iwashiya
Censored: Yes/No
Language: English
Operating System: Windows

Game Storyline

The flower princess Elulu, through pure and innocent, gets molested on the train by a pervert and falls to become a lewd female!

An R18 RPG Style Battle SLG where a magic looking girl gets groped, molested, and humiliated! Lots of humiliations and embarrassment themes. The retro 80’s looking girl gets touched on the train, and while confused and worried, as the actions escalate she begins to raise her voice when she realizes the reality of the situation. Unable to cope with her current state, she will cry out with tears in her eyes.​

Version Changelog


A scenario addition for the ¥ 500 plan benefit and a debug mode patch for the ¥ 1,000 plan benefit.
It will be up for supporters from March.
The contents are the same as last month …

The following elements are added to the product version (Ver1.98) by introducing the patch.

1. Molester Lehman events added ※
2. Added the reaction of Nasty 2 ※
※ Begging “Plead ‘Don’t call the police’.” at the event of sex development over 400.

3. Added “Restrain the face.” to Delinquent & Reggae Guy restraint pattern※

※ Note that it will not be displayed unless the arm is in a restrained state.
You will be able to choose to wear the ball gag and eye mask at the same time for the first time, and wear only one of them after the second time.

Game Images

Flower Princess Elulu – Molestation Train [v2.55] Iwashiya Download Links


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