Persona H: The Midnight Channel [v0.1.14 Remake] By DarkDemarley

DarkDemarley Games released a new game called Persona H: The Midnight Channel and the version is 0.1.14 Remake. The game’s story is about Welcome to The Midnight Channel, a place where your darkest desires can come true. You were sitting alone in your room when the clock struck midnight. You felt the tv suck you in, and now you are in the Midnight Channel. Shadows are out of control, they are bored and crave entertainment. With the help from Teddy, you are going to make sure they stay entertained.​

Developer: DarkDemarley
File Size: 158.0 MB
Version: 0.1.14 Remake
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.1.14 – Remake
Initial F95 Release


v0.8.3 Halloween Event

  • * Tried a new technique to fix the Yukiko Hair comb issue.
  • * Tried another new technique to fix Ai’s love collar scene if it didn’t trigger.
  • * fixed bug where Steak Skewers wouldn’t stack and Couldn’t be gifted.
  • * fixed a bug that crashed the game when talkig to Marie with her Goth outfit.
  • * fixed bug that caused chie to float in her room.
  • * Fixed a bug where selling items to slime wasn’t showig correct quantity
  • * Added back in the Sell All button at the Slime Miner.
  • * Fixed the Rfeine All button not giving correct experience.

Game Images & Screenshots


Before the Remake

Persona H Gold v0.7.1 Win: ANONFILE – GOFILE – MEGA – MIXDROP
Persona H Gold v0.7.1 Android: ANONFILE – GOFILE – MEGA – MIXDROP

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