Princess & Conquest [v0.20.03] By Towerfag

Towerfag Games released a new game called Princess & Conquest and the version is 0.20.03. The game’s story is about Princess & Conquest is a hybrid RPG game where you, the Knight, will have to decide the fortunes of a Kingdom, plunged into chaos after a certain “incident”! The sudden disappearance of a powerful dragon is the spring for a series of events that have brought chaos to the Kingdom!

Developer: Towerfag
File Size: 1.11 GB
Version: 0.20.03
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Additions and changes:

  • Complete rework of Weapon Charts for Princesses, Progeny, and Additional NPCs
  • Complete rework of dual-wielding damage:
  • Off-Hand Hammer/Axe/Staff/Power Gloves/… -> -75% off-hand ATK score
  • Off-Hand Sword/Katana/Whip/Spear -> -25% off-hand ATK score
  • Off-Hand Claw/Dugger/Gun -> -0% off-hand ATK

    And additionally:

  • Off-Hand HUGE weapon -> -25% off-hand ATK score, additionally to the weapon-type modifier.
  • Nerfed spinning weapon damage
  • Cat X Human Campsite event II
  • Oni Princess’ pregnancy announcement scene added
  • Lolly, Candy Princess, NSFW Animation #1 added
  • Lolly, Candy Princess, has been added as DLC character
  • Huge weapons now seal the Shield slot of the equipment
  • The Kingdom Status menu is now accessible from the “K” key and the pause menu
  • Princess Diaries are now accessible from the pause menu
  • New weapon added: “Snaketail”
  • New weapon added: “Jawswaj”
  • New weapon added: “Ballooney”
  • New weapon added: “Mouse Wrench”
  • New weapon added: “Minescraper”
  • New weapon added: “Sweet Water”
  • New weapon added: “Frogun (Hg)”
  • New weapon added: “Wild Staff”
  • New weapon added: “Huge Game Sword”
  • New weapon added: “Swolf”
  • New weapon added: “Stalagmight”
  • New weapon added: “Mummifier”
  • New weapon added: “Hematite Katana”
  • New armor added: “Light Metal”
  • New armor added: “Axe Pin”
  • New armor added: “Katana Pin”
  • New armor added: “Power Pin”
  • New armor added: “Staff Pin”
  • New armor added: “Moist Band”
  • New armor added: “Imbued band”
  • New armor added: “Soaked Band”
  • New item added: “Iridea”
  • New Cheat added: “Progeny Reskill”
  • Mouse “TCV” costume now allows Power Gloves
  • Kobold “Coatl” costumes now allow Spears
  • Kobold “Hidden Scales” costume now allows Daggers
  • Desert “Lust Tamer” costume doesn’t allow Whips anymore but increases Whip weapons damage instead
  • Reworked how the Frostbite affliction works
  • Added Drowning affliction
  • Insect / Skeleton / Ghost Affinity quest introduction remade
  • Pruna now sells Princess Diaries too
  • Pruna now sells Soaked Band when one of her Sprouts is in Mermaid’s
  • Reworked Dance Dance Desert quest and events
  • Updated some diary icons


  • Fixed Silk Strings not into the Material tab of the inventory
  • Fixed Bird Stamps not into the Material tab of the inventory
  • Fixed Golden Voucher not making Rest/Offering Round prices in the Tavern 0
  • Fixed wrong PXP reactions at Tea Parties regarding Oni and Bird Princess
  • Fixed buying Frog Girl Bath Water not costing the player Swirlies
  • Fixed sieges not working as intended if a re-conquered Reign is on the defense side
  • Fixed Bakeneko Spirit being a Usable item
  • Fixed Bird Diary displaying the wrong icon
  • Adjusted Food / Usable / Consumable item classification
  • Fixed buggy Finhead / Mermaid / Bird conquers
  • Fixed Life Force not being shown in Dokuro’s Level Up menu
  • Fixed buggy Ghost affinity quest
  • Fixed Bird affinity quest not being turned off once delivered to the Guild Lady
  • Fixed random slime sprites looking like placeholders on some occasions
  • Fixed “Garnering Garments” quest not awarding Affinity with Mouse / Rabbit / Harvest / Finhead / Bird / Oni
  • Fixed crashes happening when the Diary menu is opened first thing during a playthrough
  • Fixed Magic Silk giving Ghastly Hand Mirror
  • Fixed Pruna selling a non-working Demon Gauntlet
  • Fixes crash upon reloading saves in the Desert Festival area when there’s no party going on
  • Fixed nuns’ pathing issues outside the Cathedral
  • Fixed Rabies getting stuck on flags and changed her map to be more suited to her battle system
  • Fixed Caveau Key, Gazer Prison Key, and Spika Lure ending in MYSTERY BOX when the latter is used
  • Fixed Diana Portfolio not ending in MYSTERY BOX when the latter is used
  • Fixed some Traits (Prince Knight, Slaver, Monster Lover, Stranded Knight, Man of the People) not applying their positive (or negative) effects on the Oni
  • Tinhead Talker Quest not completing if started before the Oni / Bird implementation
  • “Weapon Craze” Progeny Skill not allowing them to use Whips
  • Royal Jug not working correctly when used on a Princess party member or the Knight
  • Fixed Progeny sprites often not reloading when entering and then leaving the camp for any event
  • Fixed typos in Golem Princess’ scenes
  • Fixed scorching effect not being turned OFF when the player gets sent in the Oni Infirmary at midnight
  • Fixed some unavailable NPCs trying to deliver eggs in the Rabbit Daycare
  • Fixed Knight “Pin” Accessories going into the costume slot


Additions and changes:

  • Oni Release!
  • You can now fight the 5 (+1) Champions of the Oni in the Colosseum
  • Oni Princess is now recruitable
  • Oni Reign questline added
  • Added Oni Princess dialogues for Tavern / Campsite / Sexual interludes-
  • Oni Princess can now have field and siege battles
  • Added Oni Princess pregnancy/fertility cycles and mechanics
  • Oni visitors added around the Kingdom
  • Oni Princess can now join Tea Parties
  • Oni events are now calculated in REMIX Mode too
  • Oni added to Bird Princess’ STAMP mechanics
  • Added Campsite / Tavern lines for Oni Progeny and Recruits
  • Forge Princess NSFW animation #1 added!
  • Forge Princess NSFW event added!
  • Oni NPCs NSFW Animation #2 (2 versions) added
  • Insect Princess (Hornet Form) NSFW animation #1 added
  • Mermaid Princess NSFW Animation #3 added
  • Moss Princess NSFW event added!
  • New item added: Bastardoni
  • New item added: Warlust Beans. -50 HPs +25% ATK -25% DEF/MDF
  • New item added: Bloodlust. -500 HPs. If surviving +3ATK/-1DEF or +3MAT/-1MDF
  • New item added: Blood Iron
  • New armor added: Demon Gauntlet
  • New armor added: Huntress Favor
  • New armor added: Golden Net
  • New armor added: Cart Reins
  • New armor added: Heavy Bracelet
  • New weapon added: Morningstar
  • New armor added: Oni Keychan
  • New armor added: Wasted Mantle
  • “Huntress Tribesmen” costume added for Harvest Princess and Progeny (Svaara Forge)
  • “Olympian Armor” costume added for Finhead Princess and Progeny (Svaara Forge)
  • “Testudo” costume added for Skeleton Princess and Progeny (Svaara Forge)
  • “Star of Fury” costume added for Rabbit Princess and Progeny (Svaara Forge)
  • “Fallen Champion” costume added for Oni Princess and Progeny (Svaara Forge)
  • New weapon added: Hematite Staff (Svaara Forge)
  • New weapon added: Hematite Claws (Svaara Forge)
  • New weapon added: Blood Whip (Svaara Forge)
  • New Campsite interactions added! Oni X Mermaid (Oni Princess reacting to Mermaid)
  • New Campsite interactions added! Oni X Bird
  • New Campsite interactions added! Oni X Golem
  • New Campsite interactions added! Oni X Slime
  • New Campsite interactions added! Oni X Oni Progeny
  • New Campsite interactions added! Cat X Oni
  • New Campsite interactions added! Wyvern X Oni
  • New Campsite interactions added! Desert X Oni
  • Added dialogues for Oni Reign “trainees” / visitors of other races (Golem, Insect, Skeleton, Desert, Goblin, Lamia)
  • Reigns still standing, with their Princess dead, are now shown in black and white in the Status Menu
  • Oni Princess Wish added: Glorious Fight
  • Oni Princess Wish added: Mighty!
  • Oni Progeny Skills have been implemented
  • “Shade Princesses” swapped with the hostage now show the correct sprite once visited
  • Abyssal Blessing! / Eggmastery! / Mighty! wishes have been added to Djinn (Desert) Princess available ones
  • Worr now appears in Oni territory too
  • New Tea Mechanics! Visit the Laundry in the Queen’s Castle and pay if you want Green/Red/Purple Tea to be served at the next Tea Party. It has various effects…
  • Mermaid Bilge treasures drop rates have been adjusted and Oni’s have been added
  • Heirs aren’t allowed in Tea Parties anymore
  • Intimidate Skill added! Available to Dragons, Mermaids, Oni
  • Mermaids have no access to the Thicc Fat Skill anymore
  • Dragons have no access to the Daredevil Skill anymore
  • Slime Bubbly form can now be reverted only by interacting with the leaking tube again
  • “Honey Sweet” Status now correctly reverts and Insect Princess transforms accordingly when used on her
  • Optimized performance during fights
  • Changes and adjustments around Ghost’s maps
  • Worr now drops DLC NPCs #0-#9 Battlesuits
  • Changes around DLC NPCs #0-#9 armor compatibilities
  • Changed Coatl armor damage bonus with Spears (from +25% to +30 weapon damage)
  • New trait added: Insurgent Knight (+ and ++ versions added too)
  • New trait added: Brawler (+ and ++ versions added too)


  • Fixed “Maverick” Progeny returning to the Campsite on the same night if the Knight enters and leaves the tent
  • Optimizations around Slime siege and boss maps
  • Adjustments some Dragon sprites (III body type)
  • Fixed Queen New Clothes disappearing when a Progeny is taken back from the box
  • Fixed fighting for Oni not rewarding the player with 1 Affinity
  • Fixed Silver Teaspoon not working in Tea Parties the Knight didn’t participate
  • Fixed Tea Parties happening overnight even if you played the event during the day
  • Fixed some crashes while loading (very) old save files
  • Fixed crashes during long REMIX Mode loading screens
  • Fixed endless animation with one of the housed birds in the Birdcage
  • Fixed Oni Champions never playing their “first time defeated” dialogue
  • Fixed siege events happening even if the former Princess is dead or has been replaced after eloping
  • Fixed constant stat increase (or decrease) with some of the new Skills (Chorus, Cheerful, Flirty, Coward, Primal, Shiny Body, -Moonlit, Frail, Dull, Spooky, Warlust, Sharpshooter, Arena Champion…)
  • Fixed gamepad controls not working as intended in trait menu
  • Fixed Oni NPCs not being recruitable
  • Fixed Poison Spit and Cat Slash magic skills not being replaced correctly when a Progeny is swapped
  • Fixed Sonnet dialogue possibly not starting anymore after Ghost Princess’ route events
  • Fixed Progeny sprites not loading in the Campsite
  • Fixed issues after sumo fights around Oni Crater
  • Fixed player bugging if leaving/entering the sea too fast around Finhead/Mermaid World Map
  • Fixed buggy choice list window width
  • Fixed secondary Princesses (Wendigo/Mimic/Moss…) Skill not showing in Level Up menu
  • Fixed reloading saves from crystals in dangerous areas possibily crashing the game (Kobold Mines, Human Castle, Golem Tower and many more…)
  • Fixed Knight possibly getting stuck in the Oni Infirmary after winning a Colosseum fight
  • Fixed buggy siege events in Golem Tower
  • Fixed secret Note not appearing during Wyvern Route
  • Fixed World Map achievements/medal not unlocking on some occasions
  • Fixed issues with Mermaid/Bird/Oni during a siege

Game Images & Screenshots


Peach Bounce (Minigame)

Pervert’s Dash (Minigame)

Bab’s Potion Shop (Minigame)

Somniphobia (Minigame)

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