Succubus Stories [v0.14.1] By Outsider Artisan

Outsider Artisan Games released a new game called Succubus Stories and the version is 0.14.1. The game’s story is about In Succubus Stories you play as a peasant girl turned succubus, plotting her revenge against the powerful people who ruined her life and stole her family’s land. She needs to consume a certain bodily fluid to survive and has to manage her ravenous lust as she gets closer to her goals. The game has a central narrative, but the primary goal of the game is to give players a lot to do and a lot to work toward with an open-ended structure where players can progress at their own pace. Players will need to manage their notoriety and money through prostitution, sex, diplomacy, alchemy, and business. You will always be able to find the latest free version of the game on​

Developer: Outsider Artisan
File Size: 484.7 MB
Version: 0.14.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Bug Fixes

  • [Other]Several bug fixes, corrections, and editorial changes.
    • Fixed major bug where attempting selling a large number of potions at once in certain conditions didn’t return the unsold potions to the player inventory.
    • Fixed a bug where not agreeing to move in with Priscilla could lead to an inescapable loop. It’s my fault, not hers! I promise she’s not a yandere!


  • [Romance]This patch mostly adds romance content.
    • You can now move in with Rais! If you are in a relationship with Rais, he may eventually broach the subject when you speak to him at his home. Moving in with Rais will grant the player rent-free housing if you don’t already have it!
    • The second group of dates for Priscilla has been added. Dates for the other romances are in the works but have no been implemented yet. I expect the first group of dates for Rais and Charlotte to be in the next release, which will probably be in v0.15!
    • You can now use futa potions (among other methods) to have futanari sex with Charlotte if you are in a romance with her. To unlock this, you must have the relevant futanari perks, have a means of turning yourself into a futanari, and have had normal lesbian sex with Charlotte a handful of times. After having futanari sex with her a few times, with the appropriate perks you will also gain the option to have her turn into a futanari via potion magic or kissing magic. Additional scenes for these interactions will be added in a future version!

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