Wicked Island [v0.8.2 Demo] By RawDarkness

RawDarkness Games released a new game called Wicked Island and the version is 0.8.2 Demo. The game’s story is about Adult open-world survival with a sex defeat system. Combat horny monsters, Craft and upgrade your gear, unlock pet monsters, and upgrade them for more sex animations.​

Developer: RawDarkness
File Size: 6.20 GB
Version: 0.8.2 Demo
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 27 new morphs, mainly for face shaping
  • Character Customization preset saving/loading to json files, values can be tweaked in files easily as well
  • Lipstick color and opacity sliders
  • 3 new eye colors
  • Pubic hair options
  • 1 New skin texture
  • Grass/foliage interaction for player and npc’s
  • Automatic resolution scaling option under graphical settings
  • New water material (not the one posted earlier, it was too heavy on performance )
  • Added Wolf pets throughout the full map, they can be added as companions and will grow up and get stronger the longer they remain with the player, can be named
  • Added dragons that can be ridden after completing a quest for them, can also breath fire on enemies (OP as of now as they cant be damaged while flying)
  • Added more idle animations for all enemies
  • Added tattoo system
  • Added pickable rocks and branches
  • Grass will be hidden below player during scenes
  • added water interaction for lakes (not for ocean as of yet)
  • added censor option in settings, enables for posting to youtube/streaming
  • Added ink station as craftable object, used to add tattoos
  • Caves are now inhabited by a new enemy, vampires/bats!
  • Added wereboar enemies
  • Added tutorial messages based on what the player is doing
  • Temperature system depending on weather/location with corresponding debuffs
  • Added tutorial messages for rage, pregnancy, birth
  • World coordinates as an option to toggle (settings)
  • Masturbating close to enemies will now trigger sex scenes
  • Changed

Developer Notes:

!!!Please note this is the first beta build available. It is for testing purposes and is far from finished. Expect lots of bugs and a very small portion of what will make up the game once released.!!!

  • * Detailed sex scenes with free camera mode
  • * Gather resources to survive and craft better gear
  • * Combat your way through dungeons
  • * Unlock and upgrade monsters to fuck at will
  • List of features
  • Detailed sex animations with different monsters
  • Sex defeat system
  • Pregnancy
  • Cum inflation
  • Get ambushed while sleeping
  • Unlock monster system for revisiting your favourite animations at will
  • Character customization
  • Action based combat
  • Resource gathering and crafting
  • Player home
  • Open world with dungeons, caves, ruins etc
  • Day/night cycle
  • Dynamic Weather

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